Facebook on Privacy Rights: You Have None!

Apple removed that FB app from the App Store. FB responded by secretly releasing a “research app” through cut-out companies (to mask FB involvement) of a VPN app that secretly reported all user activity. TechCrunch found out and reported on this ‘research’ VPN app; having been caught AGAIN, FB is removing the iOS version of their secret surveillance VPN from distribution. However, FB is leaving this Big Brother VPN in the Android environment.

Read the TechCrunch article Facebook pays Teens to install app that spies on them for the details.

The comparative attitudes toward users’ (customers’?) privacy among Apple, Google, and Facebook is why I dropped FB many years ago, and am currently moving as much of my online activity as possible from Google to Apple.

So, why are YOU still using Facebook?

Yes, I do recognize the irony of posting this article on Blogger.

(c) 2019 D. Cragin Shelton


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