My Random Thoughts

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Most posts here are from my career in information security, these days called cybersecurity. Occasionally, I branch out into other areas. After my military career in the Air National Guard and US Air Force, I spent 21 years in information technology (IT), information security (infosec), and systems engineering. This blog lets me pontificate at will on topics generally based on my different careers experiences.

Videos of my Public Presentations
(watching these may qualify for continuing professional education credit)
Life-Long Learning, Certification, & Licensure – IEEE-HKN Experience 2020
Modeling the Supply Chain: Trust but Verify – ICCWS 2020
The Persistent Pernicious Myths and Hidden Truths of Cybersecurity 2019
Maybe it’s the Boss’s Fault! at Infosec World 2016
They Didn’t Do What You Trained Them To Do. What Went Wrong? 2015
Writing in the 1st Person – EDSIG 2015